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One of the aims of the Citizens Advice Service is 'to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives' and this is what is known as 'research and campaigns work'. The stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems faced by people in the UK. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems.

By speaking-up for clients, raising real issues, contributing to public debate and influencing public and private sector organisations we aim to challenge and ultimately change unfair operations, rules and legislation.

Please browse our Campaigns; if you feel  an organisation or a system is not working well,  please let us know. Citizens Advice has had lots of success influencing policy and improving systems.For example, our evidence improved the bailliffs code of guidance, has influenced the prepayment options for fuel. If becoming involved in shaping local and national policy interests you, why not consider Volunteering.

Stroud District Council signs Council Tax Protocol

We're delighted to announce today that Stroud District Council has signed the revised Citizens Advice Good Practice Protocol on the collection of Council Tax.

At a time when other debt issues have been falling, local Citizens Advice are reporting council tax arrears issues have risen sharply since 2013:

In the last year alone, natinally, we helped clients with 217,000 such problems.

Low income households are most affected: our clients with arrears issues typically have an average household income of just £960 per month, less than 40% of the UK average.

The localisation of council tax benefit also means that more low income, working-age households, formerly in receipt of full council tax benefit, now pay council tax.

We often see how the handling of arrears can exacerbate our clients’ problems. But poor procedures can also mean higher costs for local public services, especially housing and mental health. So we're really pleased that Stroud District Council is one of the first Councils across the Country to adopt this new Good Practice Protocol.

Published: Mon 31st July 2017 @ 11:27 - Back to campaigns...