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Your Local Citizens Advice

We are a local charity which operates under the names of Citizens Advice Stroud and Citizens Advice Cotswold.

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We provide free, independent, impartial and confidential advice across the Stroud and Cotswold districts of Gloucestershire and we work to empower and enable people to use that advice to solve their problems, whatever they may be.

We influence the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally.

We believe in:

  • providing a free, confidential, impartial and independent service
  • empowering and enabling people to implement the advice
  • reaching out to people when they are most vulnerable
  • high quality advice being available to ALL
  • valuing diversity, promoting equality and challenging discrimination
  • continuous improvement
  • treating everyone with respect
  • being a strong, local and independent voluntary organisation

Getting Advice

Our team of highly-trained volunteers and experienced specialist case workers provide a full range of advice services which you can access in whatever way suits you best:

Please visit our Getting Advice section to help you find the advice you need.

Your local branch

Our main offices are in Stroud and Cirencester but we also offer drop-in sessions and appointments at various other locations across the Stroud and Cotswold districts. 

Please visit our contact page for further details of locations and opening times.


How we can help                                              Image title

Our aim is always to help people manage their own problems in the way that suits them best. Citizens Advice helps clients explore a range of options, relate information to their own needs and circumstances, and make decisions about what action to take based on an understanding of the potential consquences. Our research shows that two in three clients who visit us have their problem completely or partially solved. 78% say they couldn't have done it without Citizens Advice help. 

The bulk of our work involves helping people maximize their income, whether through helping them to manage their debts and their finances more effectively or by ensuring they are claiming the benefits to which they are entitled. This can have life-changing consequences: preventing homelessness, enabling families to feed their children properly, heat their homes adequately and lifting a weight of stress, depression and anxiety off their shoulders.

Remember, we are a registered Charity and all our services are always free.

Free training for frontline workers to help your clients cut energy costs

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We are pleased to announce our new Energy Best Deal Project which enables us to offer Free 1-hour training sessions for staff and/or service users in partner organisations to help people cut their energy costs.

Sessions are aimed at low-income consumers and front-line staff who work with people at risk of fuel poverty who can be signposted to a range of further help with issues such as: fuel debt, benefits entitlement and energy efficiency.

The training:        

raises awareness of the savings that can be made by switching fuel providers or negotiating with existing providers      

provides information about help available from energy suppliers and government for people struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills        

informs consumers about how they might save money by using less energy, and sources of advice and help around energy efficiency.    

can be delivered to your clients or group members or workers supporting individuals at risk of fuel poverty.

includes advice and tips – we can offer help with benefit entitlement    

provides individual help and advice on energy switching

can be tailored to meet your needs: we can come to one of your regular meetings or arrange an event especially.

For more information or to book a session, please contact Denise Stride on 01453 758252 ext 311

Help us make the difference

Our staff are supported by dedicated and trained volunteers who are the lifeblood of the organisation; put simply we wouldn't be here for our clients without them. If you would like to gain new skills, give yourself a new challenge or improve your employment prospects, volunteering with Citizens Advice could be for you. Roles include: advising; research and campaigning; fundraising; administration and receptionist work. For more information and to apply, please visit our volunteering page.

Health Care Travel Costs - Are Patients Missing Out?

Citizen Advice, Stroud and Cotswold Districts, has been investigating how a scheme to reimburse healthcare travel costs to people on benefits is working in Gloucestershire.  What we have found shows that there is room for improvement.  We will be discussing our report and recommendations on 27 November at 12:45 at The Old Town Hall, STROUD. If you would like to attend contact Sandi

There is more information on our campaigning page.