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One of the aims of the Citizens Advice Service is 'to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives' and this is what is known as 'research and campaigns work'. The stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems faced by people in the UK. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems.

By speaking-up for clients, raising real issues, contributing to public debate and influencing public and private sector organisations we aim to challenge and ultimately change unfair operations, rules and legislation.

Please browse our Campaigns; if you feel  an organisation or a system is not working well,  please let us know. Citizens Advice has had lots of success influencing policy and improving systems.For example, our evidence improved the bailliffs code of guidance, has influenced the prepayment options for fuel. If becoming involved in shaping local and national policy interests you, why not consider Volunteering.

Most of our local clients have problems accessing the internet

22% of 117 clients interviewed in our offices in Stroud, Dursley and Cirencester during August had no personal access to the internet, with half of these saying that cost was the issue.   A further 39% said that they had access but also had problems with speed / broken connections.

33% of respondents did not feel confident using the internet to access online services.

It’s becoming increasingly important for our clients to be able to access services online. However there remains a significant portion of the population for whom the internet is either too expensive or too complex and it is crucial that government agencies and public and private corporations continue to support in-person, phone and paper based services for some time to come.

One example of the move to online services is Universal Credit, which will be rolled out across the Stroud and Cotswold Districts over the coming months and for which claimants will be expected to manage their claims online.  We’ll be working closely with the local councils and other partners to help our most vulnerable clients with the transition to Universal Credit but we are concerned that digital exclusion will make it more difficult for many people.

To see the full results of the survey, click here.

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